As global distribution and manufacturing continue to face new challenges, having an accurate and real-time picture of events that can affect your company’s final delivery to the marketplace has never been more essential. While relatively new to supply chain management, a blockchain applied to your company’s supply chain gives your company and customers real-time traceability into your suppliers and their subcontractors.

TruDoss, LLC has built a revolutionary supply chain management system that can be up and running within hours vs. weeks needed by the traditional platforms. TruDoss provides a scalable, smart database that protects against date access risks, making document collection and disclosure more secure.

Our system gives you a real-time activity through “depth of field” analysis into your entire supply chain, including sub-suppliers. We function as a valued team member and give you the tools needed to accurately forecast and anticipate any potential disruptions.

What a TruDoss, LLC blockchain supply management system can provide:

  • Realtime events that affect your company’s production.
  • Accurate information to build better forecasting models.
  • Reduce the risk of lost sales disruptions in your supply chain.
  • Automated transparency to prove product origin and delivery.