The Easy Way To Secure and Share Asset Information

Your business needs to sell a valuable asset. It’s time to get the paperwork together. As the volume of information explodes and becomes more complex, what happens next isn’t always pretty.

Missing documents, outdated contracts, wrong versions, email attachments, print outs. All stored on software that looks like it came from the 1990s.

Wouldn’t it be great if information actually enhanced asset values? If you had stress-free control over your documents so everyone could get what they want, when they want it, knowing it is accurate.

By putting your asset information in our Digital Dossiers, you’ll be getting due diligence tools previously reserved for investment banks in mergers and acquisitions. This is a one-stop-shop to organize, access, search, record, protect and manage documents.

Our distributed ledger technology (“blockchain”) can add a Digital ID to every document, creating more secure paper trails and saving on repetitive and unnecessary due diligence.

Leave it to True Digital Dossier.

Blockchain, AI and the best document platform.

Easy, fast and scalable in one place

  • “Golden Source” of asset records
  • Custom index structure

  • Easy search to speed up review
  • Protection from data tampering

  • Fast and easy for anonymous parties conducting confidential due diligence

  • Proof checks to reduce risk, confusion and liability

  • Controls on who, when and how long information is viewed

  • Professional customer service

  • Redact confidential information

  • No plug-ins 

  • Automated version control

  • Launch in minutes

  • Regulatory transparency

How it Works


Load documents into a Digital Dossier

Custom arranged and searchable in any format with total security and 24/7 customer support. You have a platform for easy access and third-party sharing of information your transaction.


Digital “fingerprint” every document

We give each document a Digital ID. It validates all data, sources and activity in the Dossier forever. As assets change hands, this ID can link a seller or buyer to an asset’s history instantly, saving time and reducing repetitive verifications while also providing a form of “information insurance.”


Go to Work

Index, preserve, read, review, search, compare and audit documents. Choose when users see documents and run reports on how much time they spend in review (It’s a clue about interest). Build a custom recap of key activity. Meta data fields let customers generate fast high-level observations.

Transfer control of the Digital Dossier when the asset changes hands.

Great information gets great results. 

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